Comic 360 - 4.27 - Jerk move.

22nd Jan 2015, 5:58 PM in Day 4
4.27 - Jerk move.
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Matt Knab 22nd Jan 2015, 5:58 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
WELL. I guess the pretense is over. Definitely evil. And insanely strong to break her arm with one hand, if Criss is stronger than Douglas...


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I can't wait for Douglas to beat him to a pulp!!!


(don't mind me, just raging over here....)
Matt Knab
I dont mind at all! I'm glad that this evoked that reaction. Casual violence against his own subordinate just to prove a point...
This is gut wrenching Matt!!

Effin' glorious story telling dude.
Matt Knab
Thanks Skwee! I'm going to try to keep the punches coming!
owwww that.. is going to hurt.. excellent pages as always ! kick his butt Douglas!!
Matt Knab
Thanks CC!
I'm glad that, now that we are actually seeing our villain, he's the kind you can enjoy rooting against. :)
"I'm so evil, I kill my own henchman" I'm just wondering why she doesn't fight back.
Matt Knab
She certainly doesn't share Douglas irritability and tendancy toward violent reprisals!
O___O D-does her arsenal come with super fast healing powers, too...? ;;;
Matt Knab
She might indeed share Douglas' "still works fine" trick.
Owwwww... man, now you've done it. You need to go down .>____>.
Matt Knab
Nolan doesn't seem to realize that "intimidation" really doesn't work on our boy.
It's more like red cloth for a bull.
It... It doesn't even look like she felt that D,:

Matt Knab
She definitely felt it. She isn't really reacting to it though. :-/
This is definitely a time for one of those patented Douglas Punches!
Oh boy, my arm hurts just thinking about it.
Matt Knab
I must be doing something right then. :)
He didn't just break her arm did he...the balls on this guy...

But I don't even think Douglas can handle this guy, at least not yet.
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