Comic 371 - 4.38 - Fast friends.

3rd Mar 2015, 3:17 PM in Day 4
4.38 - Fast friends.
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Matt Knab 3rd Mar 2015, 3:17 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Poor Alice. She didn't exactly put down roots to begin with, but then everyone in her building turned into a zombie demon and then was destroyed. o.O


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An unlikely friendship, but they still have some sort of connection.
Matt Knab
Though she professes to have no friends from before, Alice sure seems to make friends quickly now.
When your options are limited, sometimes you just have to take what you can get.

It still might prove to be an interesting 'friendship'.
Matt Knab
I think Alice is pretty good at seeing the real "heart and soul" of others.
i feel bad for her but hey Grin is a pretty cool friend to have.. long as she doesn't get peckish :D
Matt Knab
Even then, they could go get "mugged" together! Could be fun?
OH and there is that nice tasty BAD GUY! ... :D pours BBQ sauce on the bad guy.. dont mind me.
Grin is such a sweetheart here, even when she's saying things like 'a monster who eats people'. XD;;;

Poor Alice, it's been rough ;_;... but she'll figure out soon enough, I'm sure, that she's right among friends here. Like, for real!
Matt Knab
Hehe, she really is. Despite her best efforts, Alice is disarming Grin's tough cynical facade.
Awww...poor Al. I kinda feel Grin's side too, I mean it's hard to reciprocate the bond that Al is conveying and wanting when you just met...
Matt Knab
Especially since Grin has been around a few hundred years - her friends usually go waaaay back.
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