Comic 395 - 4.51 - Fact or fiction?

5th May 2015, 2:30 PM in Day 4
4.51 - Fact or fiction?
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Matt Knab 5th May 2015, 2:30 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
I know at least several of you saw this one coming, but still...dum dum DUM!


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Very cool story twist :D
Perhaps not too fictitious peach!! Perhaps not! :O
Matt Knab
After all, they deal with what most folk think isn't real all the time!
Fictitious? If the information he's providing is indeed correct, you might be mistaken there, buddy.

Also isn't it supposed to be "Thought" and not "Though"?
Matt Knab
Yeah, this might be something even Pyotr has never come across!
Thanks for the catch!
Oooooh dear... this now makes Nolan unpunchable despite how much he deserves it so very dearly D:
Matt Knab
Yeah, if punching HIM means punching YOURSELF. That could get really ugly for Douglas very quickly.
In the world filled with demons and superpowers.. I would take legends more seriously Peach ;)
Matt Knab
I know, right?
I guess he thinks he's seen it all by now.
Chris the Blue
Cain? From the Bible? That's awesome!
*unless I guess if you're talking about Cain from Serpamia Flare, but that's unlikely.*
Matt Knab
Though...if SF were somewhere in TT's distant past... ;)
omg, I totally need to go back and read this all again O.O I feel like I'd have a totally new perspective on it.
Matt Knab
I'm hoping I'm not holding back some of these reveals TOO long, but I really wanted to give my readers that feeling of "Oh, that makes sense now!"
So does that mean that she can trace her bloodline Back to him as an ultimate ancestor and that's why she has the 'do not harm' protection? Would explain why he wants her so badly as a potential means to end his curse.
Matt Knab
That Alice might be Nolan's descendant? Hrm, interesting theory!
This makes it even more funny that SF Cain was just in the comic getting kissed by Grin xD <3
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