Comic 416 - 4.71 - Look at me.

16th Jul 2015, 4:48 AM in Day 4
4.71 - Look at me.
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Matt Knab 16th Jul 2015, 4:48 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
That's actually rather noble of Douglas. He wants to protect everyone else by getting the bad guys to focus solely on him.


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yeah but I'm slightly concerned about the 'take away what he wants' part. He doesn't want to hurt Al, right?
Matt Knab
That would be a terrible way to solve the problem! :(
Oh man Douglas.. DO not become a monster to fight a Monster.. the price is way too high.. SERIOUSLY!!! *Yells at screen*

DONT! just.. DONT!
Matt Knab
And Douglas isn't exactly known for his clear thinking. :(
Douglas, you're an idiot, but a noble and brave one, and dangit Doug, don't go do something stupid now D: like... kidnap a certain someone...!
Matt Knab all depends on what you mean by "kidnap". ;D
I suspect we have yet to see 'full on' Douglas?
Matt Knab
He goes all Hulk and shatters buildings by stepping near them. XD
Hehe hide her in Disneyland as an 'Alice' never to be seen Again and she can always change things up to any costume that hides a whole person in it + all the secret passages in that place.
Matt Knab
Haha, you'll never find her down that rabbit hole!
Okay...Douglas is the tank, Pyotr is ranged, Alice is AOE.
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