Comic 422 - 4.77 - Adventure!

3rd Aug 2015, 4:19 AM in Day 4
4.77 - Adventure!
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Matt Knab 3rd Aug 2015, 4:19 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Wait...what's Al doing?


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Maaybe not...the WORST judges of character lolol
Douglas!! I don't think you're being too wise tho! He's not strong enough to beat "Darth Shades"...that is what I think.... XDD
Matt Knab
Grin is too hard on herself. ;)
Yeah, I really don't think a slugfest with Nolan would go particularly well...
Uh... tying bedsheets together? XD
Matt Knab
Yeah, that definitely appears to be what she's doing!
Darth shades LOL!

also Adventure! ( al is too cute! ) and you you are so a hero.. sorta.. kinda. " Winnie "

MUHAH! My work here is done !
Matt Knab
Leave it to Al to see the bright side of things!
LMAO just make sure that A and W stop off at an A&W sometime on their trip.
Matt Knab
Haha, gotta pick up some adventure snacks!
Give yourself some credit Winne x) You were pretty cool in the last fight :D
Matt Knab
Grin's pretty awesome to have on your side, she just thinks too much of being a "monster", I think.
"Are you sure? Cos she has ZERO adventurer training." (Finn)
Even their insurance recording isn't enough to turn the supers against Nolan?
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