Comic 426 - 4.81 - Fast way down.

12th Aug 2015, 5:27 AM in Day 4
4.81 - Fast way down.
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Matt Knab 12th Aug 2015, 5:27 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Huh...I guess that's better than the rope, provided you don't break all of the bones in your legs. o.O
Looks like Grin is back in fighting shape, and then some!


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I almost did a Dragon Ball Z joke for the last panel, but that might be too obvious. XP
Matt Knab
Oh? Now I'm curious!
Chris the Blue
Grin's da boom king!

Glad to see her get her mojo back.
Matt Knab
That's for sure! Lil' Grin is cute and all, but now's time for some butt-kicking. :D
annnnnd SHES BACK! - im sure Douglas is right behind her. :D
Matt Knab
She is!
Douglas, however, has other plans...
Wait, Douglas and plans in the same sentence?!
Awww HECK yes!!! She's back!!
Matt Knab
In a big way!
Haha, sorry couldn't resist.
Pure epic awesomness.. in a child pink dress :D (which kinda makes it all even more awesome x))
Matt Knab
Haha,yeah... she's gonna need to find a change somewhere along the line. That or she'll just have to OWN the pink, and make it work for her. ;D
So...Douglas is a walking Potion of Bull's Strength.
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