Comic 441 - 4.96 - Loud and clear.

16th Sep 2015, 4:47 AM in Day 4
4.96 - Loud and clear.
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Matt Knab 16th Sep 2015, 4:47 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
RIP Mr. Williams.
Well, that just happened. I hope that this doesn't alienate too many readers from Douglas as a character, as this is pretty much cold blooded murder. Don't get me wrong, if anyone deserves it, it's Williams. Even not knowing what else he's done for Nolan over the years, we do know that he murdered an entire building of orphan children.
But was that Douglas intent, though? To keep Williams from getting free and doing worse? Or was it just to "break Nolan's toys"? And does that make it more or less right/wrong?
Tough questions. What do you think?


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Hooooooo shnapps, you took it there Matt!!! :'D

Dannnng those hands... :'D oh Doug, you are scary...

Well, it does seem like Doug has a very specific plan in mind. I just hope it's one that actually works! >_>a
Matt Knab
Yeah, he may very well have a plan. Let's just hope it's not just "rampage". o.O
I... don't suppose there's any chance that Douglas HASN'T snapped? Yes? No? Probably no? Okay then :,D

I feel there might be more, assuming he hasn't just snapped, but yeah, I dunno if what Douglas did is doing anyone any good right now.
Matt Knab
He's likely gone off the deep end. But then...that's kinda his THING. Just usually with monsters. He may have just added Williams to his list of "monsters" in his head and acted like he usually does on missions.
The Chessmaster
Well, I definitely think that was the wrong decision, but no, it's not alienating given his circumstances. He's a kid who saw his best friends get murdered, then had to literally grow up overnight and get thrust into a life of violence where his only purpose was to kill stuff, with no anchor in normality. That's going to do a number to his sense of morality any way you look at it. It's a horrific choice, but given what Douglas has been through, I can understand why he might think it was the right one.
Matt Knab
Thanks for your insight!
I can see the argument being made that killing Williams for his crimes was morally correct, but I don't think that was Douglas' intent. It may not even be to punish Williams at all, but rather to spite Nolan. And that would definitely make it a morally incorrect act.
Revenge is a dish best served Bloody it seems. Now just make sure that he doesn't go beserk and we're good.
Matt Knab
Yeah, I think Pyotr along with the rest of us is wondering what's next on Douglas' list.
Uh oh.. wow Douglas. But I do understand him. He got his life destroyed by this guy. And his boss is a threat. I understand :o
Matt Knab
Now let's just hope that Douglas still knows the difference between people and the monsters he usually kills!
owch His actions do not bother me as a reader but im used to edgy ideas :D Great page!
Matt Knab
Thanks, cc!
Tokyo Rose
Once one's résumé includes the phrase "murdered a building full of orphans", one has pretty much forfeited all expectations of sympathy*.

Douglas's moral development is... problematic. Despite his appearance, he's not really mentally mature. On top of that, he's super-strong, practically invulnerable, and has suffered through serious psychological trauma; it's hard to know just how much, if any, counseling he's gotten for the latter.

People learn not to indulge in petty revenge and acts of spite out of fear of reprisal and through moral and social maturity. Nobody can really punish Douglas, however, and as noted, he's not exactly mature. It's kind of a minor miracle that he shows any self-restraint or obeys anyone else at all.

* Unless they were orphaned cannibal demons, maybe.
Matt Knab
You've pretty much nailed it on the head there. Many of those points are going to be brought up very soon!
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