Comic 451 - Pyotr flashback

9th Oct 2015, 3:39 AM
Pyotr flashback
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Author Notes:

Matt Knab 9th Oct 2015, 3:39 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Happy Friday everyone!
Today's image is a flashback from Pyotr's past. We'll hear much more of his story in Day 5!


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Hurray! <3 Can always use more backstory on Pyotr, he's my favourite character! <3 (Though I do like 'em all~)
Matt Knab
Hopefully it will be as interesting/dramatic as Douglas'!
Sweet! I can't wait to learn more about Pyotr's past.

Again, your lighting is just fabo.
Matt Knab
Thanks, Stever!
You won't have to wait TOO long. Just a few more chapters. :)
oooh back story yay! - love me some flash backs !
Matt Knab
It'll come soon!
Gotta get a few pesky fight scenes out of the way first, though. ;)
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