Comic 457 - 4.105 - Right?

23rd Oct 2015, 3:49 AM in Day 4
4.105 - Right?
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Matt Knab 23rd Oct 2015, 3:49 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
COULD Pyotr stop Douglas, if push comes to shove? It would be ugly, whatever the outcome.


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They better try and stay on the same side. Otherwise the world is in big trouble.
Matt Knab
They'd shake heaven and earth if they fought!
Maybe more like...
"Release the kraken!" :D
He's going to end up fighting his childhood friend and either losing or winning and living with it after.
Matt Knab
They are on a collision course, indeed. One way or another.
oh.. no. I see so many ways this could go from bad.. to worse .. then right down the crapper!

Matt Knab
Things are bad enough without in-fighting. Let's keep the enemy in our sights!
I think Pyotr needs to re-examine his lawful good alignment. There are times when chaotic good is prudent.
Matt Knab
Pyotr is just afraid that Douglas has lost control and won't be able to "switch off" so to speak.
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