Comic 458 - 4.106 - Still Douglas.

26th Oct 2015, 4:05 AM in Day 4
4.106 - Still Douglas.
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Matt Knab 26th Oct 2015, 4:05 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Whew, looks like Douglas is still himself and not crazy.
And...he DID call ahead, after all.


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Oh wow Douglas, you talk like an adult for once :) Good job, seems like Peach should be more comfy with the situation now.
Matt Knab
He can, when he needs to. :)
Well, here's Douglas with a spoonful of rationality. Looks like he hasn't gone completely bonkers ;D
Matt Knab
Though it's scary if he can just turn the crazy on and off!
O_O woah .. ok that was not expected! But YAY! :D
When suddenly! Necromancy!*

*Void if Douglas did mutilate the body as a precaution.
Matt Knab
Let's just say, if Williams were a zombie, Douglas made sure he would no longer be functional.
Oh, and minor typo:
'Willimas.' the Wallace of all lima beans.
Matt Knab
Thanks for the catch!
I dunno if I'm comfortable with his justification but hey, there's a dark hero for you... XP
Matt Knab
Yeah, it's a scary thought that Douglas sees no difference between killing evil monsters and killing evil people.
Of course this line gets kind of blurry when Grin qualifies as a monster being a vampire but is also most certainly a person ^^;
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