Comic 459 - 4.107 - Technical difficulties.

28th Oct 2015, 3:19 AM in Day 4
4.107 - Technical difficulties.
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Matt Knab 28th Oct 2015, 3:19 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Yup, all of this is Pyotr's fault for not answering his phone. >.>


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Omg XDDD I... I have no words :,D
Matt Knab
Heheh, even in the dark times, I hope to inject some humor here and there. :)
A lot of people have trouble keeping their cell phone on them or "on" in Pyotr's case XD
Matt Knab
Right? :) Pyotr is kind of an old stick-in-the-mud when it comes to tech. He still listens to an old walkman, too. ;)
LOL ah the old Cell was off dodge.. but in his case it fits!
Matt Knab
Yup. I guess that's why Cindy couldn't get ahold of him this whole time!
The Chessmaster
Honestly, Peach. Checking your messages is important. All it takes is missing one "they gonna spring chuck so im gonna beat him to death kthxbai" text and you're in a world of trouble.
Matt Knab
I can imagine that, being in the Trust, there could be some time sensitive life-or-death messages that could come in!
Now I want to hear about his adventures with the various 'old tech' he's encountered up until now.
Matt Knab
Well, after several decades of epic battles, he's finally mastered how to set the time recording on the VCR...
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