Comic 463 - 4.111 - Different assignments.

6th Nov 2015, 4:04 AM in Day 4
4.111 - Different assignments.
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Matt Knab 6th Nov 2015, 4:04 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
I don't know if splitting up again is a good idea...


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"Violence is job #1!"
Matt Knab
It certainly is in Douglas' book!
Ee-yeah... >__> why do I feel like the Twilight HQ is going up in smoke? :'D
Matt Knab
Well, if it ends up anything like that apartment building in Day 1...
oooh sounds like a plan to me! ( Like Rufia me thinks their insurance premiums are gonna take a bit of a hit !
Matt Knab
There might be SOME structural damage to be expected!
I can feel some heavy hitting coming up soon.
Matt Knab
Good idea: having the man with the plan go after the priority target.

Bad Idea: not unlocking the weapons room for Douglas to use the Fun Toys before you go.
Matt Knab
Oh man, Douglas is scary enough without throwing guns into the mix. XD
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