Comic 464 - 4.112 - Be careful.

9th Nov 2015, 4:08 AM in Day 4
4.112 - Be careful.
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Matt Knab 9th Nov 2015, 4:08 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
I hope you know what you're doing, guys.


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Awww, you guys are such bros <3

... but yeah all that blood :'D dangit Doug lol

(seriously I'm thinking Pyotr better be careful himself!)
Matt Knab
They are both going to be put through the wringer before this is done.
Peach you better be careful too :D
Matt Knab
Definitely. He's the one off to help protect the villain bait! XD
Ha! Great humor on this page XD

Good luck guys!
Matt Knab
Heheh, thanks! Even in their darkest hour, Douglas can't be serious for too long.
Friendshipppppp. My favorite Brotp ever. XD
Matt Knab
They do have a strong bond! :D
Sealed in the blood of their enemies. Thus averting any Murphy's Law or speech trope shenanigans.
Matt Knab
Yeah...oops. I guess he was supposed to spit on it or something. XD
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