Comic 467 - 4.115 - Simple.

16th Nov 2015, 3:26 AM in Day 4
4.115 - Simple.
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Matt Knab 16th Nov 2015, 3:26 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Doesn't sound simple to me at all. Usually, having loved ones taken by supernatural forces makes a good motivation to be an agent.

Also, don't smoke. It's super bad for you.


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I feel bad for everyone :,D That or I don't know who to feel bad for more because they're all having such a lovely time losing everything and people dying. Dangit!
Matt Knab
Great, that's exactly what I was hoping for!
No one is always good and no one is always evil :)
Matt Knab
Exactly! Though that's easy to forget as a comic book writer.
Looks like the revenge train has arrived. Good luck, man.
Matt Knab
I think Steven may have bit off a bit more than he can chew, though.
Bystanders loved ones should be inspired to make it not happen, instead of wanting revenge. But not everyone's the same.
Matt Knab
Exactly, let's blame the monsters, not the folks who (that one time) failed to stop them.
Ya know makes sense! The best kinds of conflicts are the ones where both parties have legitimate reasons for what they're doing!
Matt Knab
They're the ones that are hardest to resolve, that's for sure!
Steal his smokes they're the source of his angst!
Matt Knab
Haha, or at least make him distracted by nicotine withdrawal!
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