Comic 475 - 4.123 - Conversation over.

9th Dec 2015, 4:18 AM in Day 4
4.123 - Conversation over.
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Matt Knab 9th Dec 2015, 4:18 AM edit delete
Matt Knab


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Nooooooooo! D: Someone come save the day please please PLEASE!

Cindy you lovely heart ;___;* <333
Matt Knab
Yeah, Douglas, you better not have stopped for a snack of something!
I like Cindy, too. I hope she makes it through this...
Noooo don't listen to him, he's... he's... he's dumb :,D

Seriously, if there's only one person in that room that you could NOT hurt, please let that be Cindy ;3;
Matt Knab
Yeah, hurting Cindy seems even more wrong than attacking the other Trust agents. Cindy does nothing but be nice and help people!
*suspense rises* Anything but Cindyyyyyy ;_;
Matt Knab
Right?! We'll find out shortly!
Hated her the least, huh? I doubt he was going to spare her anyway. I hope someone is going to come and help them. :O
Matt Knab
Yeah, who knows what his true intentions were/are at this point.
Oh mannnn i liked her!
Matt Knab
She's not done for yet!
Chris the Blue
No! Down with the man! Stick it to the man!
Matt Knab
Preferably with something sharp!!
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