Comic 482 - 4.130 - Victims.

4th Jan 2016, 4:18 AM in Day 4
4.130 - Victims.
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Matt Knab 4th Jan 2016, 4:18 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Hrm, does that count as child labor?


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Oh man.. this is not good... Seriously .. ( great page though! )
Matt Knab
Thanks, CC!
Pet monster! Douglas. I consider that fighting words.
Matt Knab
Right? >:O
THIS SCENE. *gets shot because feels*
Matt Knab
It just keeps the gut-punches coming? :)
He's got a point :(

I don't think Douglas sees it that way tho!
Matt Knab
Yeah, Douglas isn't really the "victim" type.
That is a point actually. But Douglas is enjoying it I guess. Apart from boring meetings part and 'you should not destroy things' part ;)
Matt Knab
'But I Like being the guy that the villains are scared of in the middle of the night when they hear a loud Bump.'
Matt Knab
Right? Douglas would probably do this for free. :)
Erm... kinda hard to protect the people you don't know about man. Experiments done in the shadows are rather hard to prevent.

That said... Douglas really isn't going to be all into the pity considering how he can easily get his payback by sending bad guys out to the morgue... or next week, depends on how squishy they are.
Matt Knab
The Trust didn't experiment on him, they're just trying to make the best of a bad situation that fell into their lap.
Matt Knab
Haha, when he fights your battles he always wins! XD
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