Comic 484 - 4.132 - Making a case.

11th Jan 2016, 5:10 AM in Day 4
4.132 - Making a case.
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Oh man ... the blows keep coming!!
Matt Knab
Douglas isn't the best at verbal argument. :(
Aw no D: stop letting him get to you, Doug!!

The sad thing is the Vocal isn't entirely wrong I guess :<
Matt Knab
It's that nugget of truth that keeps Douglas from just smacking him down.
This is quite an amazing page, keep up the good work!
We know because this whole scene of Day 4 is a flash-back from Day 6 as Doug rides the Elevator.
HMMM I dont have any idea how doug will react. Will he smirk? will he get mad? we just dont know XD
Matt Knab
He is bewildered by logic, hehe. The question is...does he punch things that bewilder him? ;)
... now my "scales" setting to my moral compass may not be the most accurate... but I'm pretty sure doing things on purpose are stronger morally than accident. Bad things done on purpose are worse morally than bad things being done on accident... that said good's a bit annoying because the "It was an accident" thing doesn't cut it down much so there's not much difference between a good deed done on purpose or by chance.

Either way... we sure this guy hasn't managed to brain wash himself so he's unable to doubt himself? cause his two and two are making three here.
Matt Knab
Great comment!
I definitely think the "intent" component is a huge part of the morality equation!

What turned Vocal against the Trust wasn't that they tried to save 100 but only saved 90 of them (with Vocal's loved one being one of the 10 not saved), but rather that they saved the 100 and 10 DIFFERENT people died (one being Vocal's loved one). Does the intentional good of saving 100 lives outweigh the accidental bad of getting 10 other people killed to do so? Math says you come out ahead, but for those 10 and the ones in their lives...
He's got a nice way of laying it out. But it's still gonna be us vs. them.
Matt Knab
Can it be any other way, really?
Nothing is really black or white. The problem is, who's grayer...
The older stiff is greyer....well up to a point any way, then they all get bloated and mushy.
Matt Knab
So...the fresher the situation, the more delicious? ;)
Lol 50 shades of Blood.
Matt Knab
Haha, this is not the story you were looking for. ;)
Douglas, looking down at Vocal's corpse and smiling.

Matt Knab
Argument failed!
Battle won!
Eh, let's call it a wash. >:)
And what does that make you, huh? Certainly Douglas can see through the hypocrisy of a guy who does the same thing as those he ridicules...
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