Comic 485 - 4.133 - What if?

13th Jan 2016, 4:34 AM in Day 4
4.133 - What if?
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Matt Knab 13th Jan 2016, 4:34 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Hrm, I'm sure we could field some amazing sports teams with two dozen Douglases...


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... that sport would have to be done on a different planet each time because I'm almost certain these planets would be quickly obliterated :,D
Matt Knab
They would certainly be the worse for wear!!
I guess that many Douglasses wouldn't be a good thing... especially that they barely managed to make one of them civilised.. how would they manage that many? :o
Matt Knab
It would be quite the challenge! Of course, who's to say that they'd all be violent? They could have been better or worse, but we'll never know.
Well now I am questioning whose side I am on, reason wise.
Matt Knab
Excellent! That means I came up with a good argument. :D
Heheh, yeah, king of the hill. XD
Matt Knab
EXTREME king of the hill. XD
Give them some self discipline, reason to be, and a job that works to their talents and you don't have anything to worry about unless one of them gets brainwashed.

... But then again I'm a bit overly practical there, and all the kids would basically be some form of soldier but... yeah, minor bits of moral judgement do come from having self discipline and the self restraint that comes from it.

... still has Vocal talked himself into this slurry of BS and somewhat reasonable logic? Thought the dude was smarter than this.
Matt Knab
Yeah, and they might not all have developed Douglas' violent streak at all.

The question is, does Vocal believe it himself, or is he just twisting the truth to sway Douglas?
If he doesn't believe it himself, the guy has more issues than Douglass.
They all could form a football league and make it the truly violent sport people make it out to be.
Matt Knab
Who could stand against them?!
Such an awesome demolition team:

Fists of Fury: We don't need explosives!
Matt Knab
Think of the savings!!
Caught up and subbed. On to Feloran Chronicles!
Matt Knab
Awesome!! Welcome aboard, I really hope you enjoy the story!
whoa....AU Douglas? o.O
Maybe you shouldn't have been running an evil child monster experiment and you wouldn't have had to make that call? xD
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