Comic 487 - 4.135 - What's your point?

20th Jan 2016, 3:48 AM in Day 4
4.135 - What's your point?
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Matt Knab 20th Jan 2016, 3:48 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Looks like Shardis may have broken Vocal's stride. :)


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YUSS! Go, Shardis! XD <3

Seriously that guy is a jerk, and Doug needs to accept that even if he can't stop being what he is, that doesn't mean he can't be more than just a jerkwad. Unlike VOCAL -___-!!!
Matt Knab
Yeah! It's less about what you are and more about what you do with it!
Well, there's a verbal right hook if I've ever seen one.
... that's also something only possible by reading comics. "Seeing a verbal right hook" that is.

I'd also like to point out that being a monster doesn't automatically make you a bad person. Just someone who has a very easy time enticing fear from others due to abnormal physical appearance, abnormal abilities or abnormal mannerisms, or a combination of the three.

... normality is overrated.
Matt Knab
Haha, awesome. Yeah, Shsrdis' interruption is a big "combo breaker". :D

I agree. There's a big difference between *being* a monster and behaving like one.
All right! Yay Shardis!

Love those expressions at the top.
Matt Knab
Shardis is one of my favourites now XDXD
Matt Knab
Great, I'm glad to hear it!

Can we get to the punching soon. Vocal is certainly living up to his name
Matt Knab
Very soon. >:)
And that's where his plan went all to shards, and him along with it.
Matt Knab
Pretty much! Well, the plan went sideways when Anderson went through the wall, but now plan B just fell through as well.
Pfft, you gotta look at the whole history between people to make a judgement, not just one instance...

But yay! Douglas isn't turning! :D Or at least it seems that way :)
Matt Knab
I agree!
Yeah Douglas just needed a moment's clarity to break free of Vocal's spell.
I understand where people are coming from wanting a punching however I think I have a nicer way. Doug should throw his arm around vocals shoulders and say you know I never thought about it that way and then he just choke him and break his neck.
Matt Knab
A gentle, friendly sort of breaking. ;)
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