Comic 490 - 4.138 - Um, oops..?

1st Feb 2016, 4:56 AM in Day 4
4.138 - Um, oops..?
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Matt Knab 1st Feb 2016, 4:56 AM edit delete
Matt Knab


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Oh. >____> Well. Uhm.

Gosh, that's kinda awkward. :'DDD
Woh plot twist o.o
Matt Knab
The plot twist was Vocal was exactly what he appeared to be! ;D
I'm glad he didn't use his full strength or he'd be a pancake. :O
Matt Knab
Or rather, he'd be the strawberry jam to put on top. Bleh.
That's what you get for betraying one's trust.
Matt Knab
Pretty much. No mercy. :-/
O wow O__O
Things just got real
Matt Knab
Indeed. All this killing is going to come back with some serious consequences. exactly what he deserved for his betrayal, stabbing a fellow teammate and who knows How many other atrocities organized and carried out on the rest of the guild.
Matt Knab
I certainly won't cry any tears for him. And you're right, we know that at the very least he murdered Tiny (and probably Twigs, too).
The Chessmaster
Oookay... the bit where he said he couldn't fight? Guess he wasn't kidding about that.

Of course, there's a bunch of fun, delightful ways he could come back from the dead (demon? Lich? Demon lich?), but I'm inclined to suspect that this is point where he doesn't, and Douglas learns a hard lesson about not everyone being a great evil or indestructible monsters...

...and then promptly forgets all about that to go kill that completely trustworthy, discreet and non-evil Agent Anderson.
Matt Knab
Yup! Turns out he really WASN'T a fighting type. Oops! Honest mistake.

And yeah, despite the truck punch, Anderson isn't far away, so there isn't much time to discuss this incident right now.
I'm truly wondering what will be Douglas reaction now. Yeah he is destructive, and yeah he killed Mr. Williams who was cocky and happy murdering children.. but here he killed a guy just like that expecting some kind of challenge of a bad villain, and what he got was just murder of someone who wasn't innocent but wasn't really able to stand against him either.
Matt Knab
Unfortunately, he has little time to stop and think about it. There's still a pesky demon janitor about, ready to ruin their day (further). :(
Eh...I should feel bad, but...I don't. Sorry? lol
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