Comic 491 - 4.139 - Harsh.

3rd Feb 2016, 5:21 AM in Day 4
4.139 - Harsh.
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Matt Knab 3rd Feb 2016, 5:21 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Well, I guess there's no time to really digest what just happened. We'll have to deal with it at a later, less life-threatening time!

Hey everyone, Day 4 will be wrapping up in a few short weeks! Officially the longest "Day" yet! Looking forward, though, I have a mere dozen pages or so of Day 5 ready to go, which really concerns me. Once my baby girl is sleeping the night a bit more consistently and I can stay up later, keeping up with 2 or 3 pages a week should be a piece of cake, but lately I can barely squeeze in one new page a week. I'd prefer not to drop down the schedule even further, though, so I have an idea.
How would you all feel about revisiting Day 1 - fully colored and re-lettered? I'll kick it up to 4 or 5 pages a week, and that will give me a few months to get my new page production up to a good rate.
What do you all think?


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That sounds like a great idea. Even if it's for consistancy sake. I know I'd love to see those page in color.

I remember how tough it was to work when my daughter was a baby. Makes me yawn just thinking about it.
Matt Knab
Yeah, sleeping is getting a bit better, but not good enough to stay up past 9 or so. XD
Man taking care of small children is tough! I baby sit a 4 month and toddler old every now and then ;w;

I like that idea!! Day 1 was one of my favorites.
Matt Knab
It definitely keeps us busy!
Great! I'm glad that everyone seems to be okay with a "Day 1 remastered". :)
Rip them off and feed This one his horns. Then he can get the point and Stay dead.
Matt Knab
Or will we only peel back another layer of demony goodness? o.O
I like your idea, Matt. You know my issues with B&W comics, but it's the STORY that got me hooked!
Matt Knab
Great! Yeah, there are still a lot of great moments in Day 1 that I hope everyone will enjoy revisiting.
Well, time to wash out that slight bitter aftertaste of killing the rather squishy bad guy with the sweeter taste of kicking the ass of the rather less squishy bad guy who just showed his face in the hole he got dropped kicked out of the room earlier.
Matt Knab
Mmmmm...sweet demony beatdown. XD
Oh this guy again... id love to see the old pages in color !
Matt Knab
Yup, he just keeps coming back for more!
Pssh this guy is still gonna be nothin' for Douglas.

I also would love to see color Day 1! How are you gonna post it though so we know there's an update, but keep your old comments?
Matt Knab
We'll see!
I think I'll post the color pages as "new" pages so they pop up for everyone, and then go back and update the originals later. I can just put a note up for people who come by later to skip "day 1 remastered" if it was all in color the first time they read it. :D
That horned guy is an a-hole. :P At least Douglas had a bit of sympathy.
Matt Knab
Haha, yeah. You don't become a demon avatar thingie with a soft heart. ;D
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