Comic 492 - 4.140 - Rematch

8th Feb 2016, 4:34 AM in Day 4
4.140 - Rematch
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Matt Knab 8th Feb 2016, 4:34 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Oh fine, I guess we can have a real fight.


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Is it weird that I feel actually a little sad that Steven was just killed like nothing? X'D

oohhhh epic fight scene about to happen!
Matt Knab
I don't think it's weird - I rather intended it to be another point in his argument against Douglas' kind of power uncontrolled. Just...y'know, not one he can argue himself. >.>
*Petyr walks out from behind the corpse 'You're right, killing monsters Does feel good.'
Matt Knab
Haha, that WOULD be just like Peach. >:)
I've been waiting for it too.

Time for a Boss fight...
Action scenes always got me excited! :'DD
Small disadvantage cuz hes so tall! He could probably just fall on him D:!
Matt Knab
Good thing Douglas could heft him like a sack of flour! ;)
Now HERE'S an opponent Doug can go all-out and not worry about killing without meaning to!
Matt Knab
*Douglas punches through demon like tissue paper*
Oops? ;)
Haha, no, you're right, this will be a much more satisfying fight.
Two sounds: Douglas hitting him, and him hitting the floor.
Matt Knab
If he punches fast enough, maybe they'll merge into one sound. >:)
Pfft it won't go any better this time, buddy. If anything, you'll get your ass kicked faster. He's got a bigger reason to fight now :)
Matt Knab
He's nothing if not persistent!
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