Comic 495 - 4.143 - Take your pick.

17th Feb 2016, 6:37 AM in Day 4
4.143 - Take your pick.
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Matt Knab 17th Feb 2016, 6:39 AM edit delete
Matt Knab


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Oh dear, the mysterious knock and based on your emoji in your author comment, I can guess we're in for it.

Nice arsenal grin!
Matt Knab
Something unexpected is afoot!
Grin's spent a LONG time collecting all that. :)
Very nice shining effects on the weapons. I can see why Al would like it.
Matt Knab
They are very shiny, after all. And effective. :)

I approve of this room of all things sharp and deadly <3
Matt Knab
Here here!
Who WOULDN'T want a room like this? :D
Oooh shiny ;'33
A large selection of weapons is the best supplies :D!
Matt Knab
Indeed! It's best to be prepared!
Ooh and why do I like her in a short dress.... things are about to get slice.
Matt Knab
Haha, though Grin is probably itching to get out of the little girl's dress that she doesn't quite fit into now. XD
Go with the katana.
Matt Knab
Never runs out of ammo!
There better be a shotgun in a position to spin and level at the door...
Matt Knab
Or some tripwire grenades!
Haha this page is so funny...between the tiny pink dress and "ooh shiny" XD

Sadly, I fear the knock at the door isn't a friend...
Matt Knab
I'm afraid dear Grin will never live down "the pink". ;)
Nope, I fear not....
Axe and 1 throwing knife for Alice, shield and everything except the Big sword for Winnegrin, save that in case Douglas shows up.
Matt Knab
Douglas says he wants it bigger, and with lasers...
I think he's missing Tiny...
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