Comic 573 - 1.76R - Burning question.

11th Jul 2016, 5:07 AM in Day 1 Remastered
1.76R - Burning question.
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Matt Knab 11th Jul 2016, 5:10 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
The drink Douglas refers to is a super tall cookies and cream milkshake. ;)


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Someone bring him to the hospital! XD
Matt Knab
Fortunately,the Trust has an excellent infirmary! The best of science and sorcery combined!
Good luck trying to explain THIS to your insurance provider.
Matt Knab
That's for sure! They might just hang up somewhere between "Demons" and "punched all the walls down"! :D
Don't forget all the paper work that you'll probably have to do... XD
Matt Knab
The real horror of this story!
psst..."ambulance" (last panel)
Matt Knab
Thanks! Will fix next time I'm on.
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