Comic 586 - 5.9 - Respite!

18th Aug 2016, 5:45 AM in Day 5
5.9 - Respite!
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Matt Knab 18th Aug 2016, 6:02 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Looks like pretty bright magic to me...


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Heheh, I love how quirky he is XD
Matt Knab
Haha, quirky is an understatement, but thank you! :D
Doug is so genuinely dumbfounded by that request XDDD

And yes, that certainly looks like some very bright dark magic :'D dodge, Doug!
Matt Knab
It's not something he expected to hear from the evil monster villain. XD
Yet again he shows why he's a minion otherwise he wouldn't need an distraction to pull off such an attack. Tsk the standards of evil these days.
Matt Knab
He needs to take a few more henchman classes before moving up, that's for sure!
If he said 'no' would Douglas try to explain? XD
Matt Knab
I wouldn't be surprised if he did!
*in Marvel Heroes Dark Elf voice* Time for some Dark Magic.
Matt Knab
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