Comic 591 - 5.14 - Released!

5th Sep 2016, 7:41 AM in Day 5
5.14 - Released!
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Matt Knab 5th Sep 2016, 7:41 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
I guess that looks adequately intimidating?


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He looks slightly more menacing!
Matt Knab
Oh man, that sounds like something Douglas would say. "Good job, you're slightly more menacing. Ready now?"
Another new form? Gah, get 'em, Douglas!
Matt Knab
He seems rather obsessed with the whole transformation thing. It's a wonder why he doesn't do so BEFORE the fight starts.
But is it really the final final form? :D
Matt Knab
Who knows, with him. He seems to keep pulling upgrades out of thin air!
Dang! Final form ftw!
Matt Knab
Let's hope not! ;)
'Still has that overbite though.' -Douglas
Matt Knab
Really, he couldn't get some dental work done as part of this whole body transformation??
IT'S ON now!!
Matt Knab
Queue the final battle soundtrack! Too bad D doesn't read TT, I know he'd set us up. :)
B-but now he's... he's... naked! D: THAT'S the tactic, to scare Doug out of his mind with the sheer obscenity!

... Oh who am I kidding, this is Doug we're talking about. He'd gladly strip down and fight bare if he had to without breaking a sweat (or his grin) :'D
Matt Knab
Well, with Douglas, you just might need to try "alternate tactics" to find a weakness. But yeah, nudity would not faze him. :)
I am POWER!!!!
Matt Knab
He's an indiglo night light!
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