Comic 597 - 5.20 - What now?

26th Sep 2016, 11:09 AM in Day 5
5.20 - What now?
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Aww, she looks a bit sad about it...don't be, you just saved Douglas a ton of time and energy! :D
and their lives if he had decided to play 'possession tag.'
Matt Knab
Oof, that's for sure. No one wants to be Douglas' piƱata!
Matt Knab
She's mostly still reeling from Vocal's betrayal, the possible death of most of her coworkers, and the violence in general.
Poor girl... :(
Matt Knab
She's really not used to being on the front line. :(
Stripes, I love ya ;v;* <33 such strength, such heart.

And Doug, you'd better get running! XD; Chief, you're just gonna have to duct-tape your ribs back into place and do it yourself!
Matt Knab
Good to know she has a fan! :)

Yeah, exactly, time for the Chief to step up and get things done himself!
1. Stripes REALLY needs a hug. Seriously.

2. Douglas, though awesome, is something of a problem child...

3. Chief has definitely seen better days.
Matt Knab
You're right on every count!
In-office insubordination...and the chief is powerless to do anything about it.
Matt Knab
The scary part is...he was always powerless to stop it. That insecurity was probably why the Chief was so belligerent.
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