Comic 599 - 5.22 - Or...else?

3rd Oct 2016, 4:47 AM in Day 5
5.22 - Or...else?
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Matt Knab 3rd Oct 2016, 4:47 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
This is the absolutely worst time for this, fellas...


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She's the one making most sense! XD
Matt Knab
I'd put Cindy in charge!
Is Douglas testing his boss' reactions? Maybe to see if he is acting "out of character"?
Matt Knab
He's not thinking that far ahead, I'm afraid. :-/
I'm wondering if you've designed Douglas' character with a deep seated need for self destruction, based on some buried guilt.
Matt Knab
Actually, guilt is something Douglas CAN'T feel. That's probably what has had the Chief so anxious about him this whole time.
Really not a good time, D...
Matt Knab
Not at all!
Chief, you pompous ass! You know Douglas can hit like a truck being shot out of a cannon!
Matt Knab
The Chief is actually quite strong himself (kinda like a Captain America level strength), but he just can't accept that Douglas is on another level.
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