Comic 6 - 1.5 - The sharks were epic.

4th Oct 2013, 5:06 PM in Day 1
1.5 - The sharks were epic.
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Caley Tibbittz Collopy
My God but this dialogue is glorious. Giant mutant sharks, indeed.
Matt Knab
Thanks! Ah, poor hat guy...
hat guy had it coming to him
Matt Knab
I wonder if they have one of those corny safety posters that warn agents "be smart, be safe, don't be like hat guy"!
I was a bit confused at the beginning because of the sudden switch to black and white.

Mainly because it made the guy in the first panels introduction(the recorder) a tad confusing.

The snappy dialogue makes up for that very small misstep though. It helped me get my grounding and lock the character designs into my mind. I don't think I'll get confused from this point on.

I really am liking the dynamics between these two and your writing here is top notch.
So clever.
And even though it is just a joke it does so much for the world.

That is some world building if I've ever seen any.

Also, I'm just curious-have you ever received slash fic of these two? xD;
Matt Knab
Sorry for the switch! I wanted to color the first few pages to give a feel of it, but simply did not have the time to color them all. Starting in Day 2, though, one page each week is a colored one!
I'm glad you are enjoying the dialog! It was a ton of fun to write!

Should I be mildly scared to Google "slash fix"? Because I feel mildly scared and I'm wondering if that's normal...
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