Comic 614 - 5.35 - Win-win

28th Nov 2016, 5:25 AM in Day 5
5.35 - Win-win
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That jackass :/
Matt Knab
He is not a nice man.
...I really don't like him...
Matt Knab
Villain success! :)
... Abort and jump back, and run.
Matt Knab
Terminator style chase scene engage!
eGADS nothing gets to this guy!! This is the scariest time of villain right here!
Matt Knab
Very little gets under his skin. He's "seen" it all.
Y'know...there's a lot of hate for him, but after basically finding out he's immortal, I can see how he loses respect for life and begins to play god. I feel like that's almost the only way to deal with your own immortality without going a bit nuts...if you can't find a purpose in life, take control of life around you and make the world yours...
Matt Knab
You've got a lot of good insight there. And we know that his response to his immortality was, at one point, to not care about anything and be a homeless beggar (though we don't know for how long). When you live that long, you can go through a lot of phases.
Perk of being blind: not freaking out when being interrogated with a bright, pulsing death ray.
Matt Knab
Haha, yeah that's a plus!
I sense just a tiny bit of smugness.
Matt Knab
He has no shortage of smug. ;)
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