Comic 615 - 5.36 - Pass

1st Dec 2016, 5:39 AM in Day 5
5.36 - Pass
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Aww man, poor her :(
Matt Knab
Yeah... :(
Like calls to like, the very energy she uses is likely similar to what his 'shield' is made from.
Matt Knab
That's an interesting theory! We're still not really sure where Al and Nolan's "warning" aura comes from, after all.
A suicidal quasi-immortal madman?
Matt Knab
Haha, concise and to the point!
I feel for her...but this is the right call as of now, although I think she did it more emotionally than logically. Live to fight another day!
Matt Knab
Even if it didn't risk killing herself by trying, she shouldn't try INSIDE her own house! XD
Aw, no... not good. :(
Matt Knab
It's hard to win if you can't even fight. :-/
And she asks the question we've all be DYING to ask for the past four "days"! :)
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