Comic 616 - 5.37 - What I am.

5th Dec 2016, 6:32 AM in Day 5
5.37 - What I am.
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I don't see him looking in "horror", seems like an usual picnic for him XD
He got used to it early on I'm guessing. No one's THIS fucked up and composed from the get go.
Matt Knab
He's been through a lot of phases over his life. We know he was a homeless beggar at some point, so there very well may have been long stretches where he just broke down for awhile.
He is truly elder... yeah, the weight o all that time might make one a bit evilish.
Matt Knab
He's likely the oldest immortal in the TT universe and he's had a loooong time to build that callousness.
Ok, I will admit I'm a bit confused here...he said he killed Lilith, but now he says she killed Lilith? Or is it one of those "I killed Lilith by creating you" type things?
Actually Proxy, I think he said from the start (if you check this page again here) that Grin was the one who killed Lilith; he says there that he was the one who created Lilith, and he was disappointed somewhat by all the potential that was cut off when Lilith died. >_< Matt, correct me if I'm confused here! XD;
Ah that's right! I got the dialogue backwards >.< Thanks!
Matt Knab
Ah, yup, Nolan created Lilith, the first elder vampire and the only one capable of creating more of her own kind. Lilith created Grin, but at some point later, Grin killed Lilith.
So that makes Nolan sorta Grin's supernatural grandfather. :(
Wooooow that really puts things into perspective here O__O
Matt Knab
For Nolan, it's a very wide shot!
I'm so mad at him for putting his hand on her shoulder XD;;;;; STOP TOUCHING HER IN A GRANDFATHERLY CONDESCENDING WAY YOU CREEP

For reals though, I love the dialogue, Matt ;_; it's got real weight behind it, you can feel it like a punch in the gut. I feel for Grin, I do, but she's gotta pull it together if she wants to protect Alice. (Though of course... Alice's protected plenty without help, but we don't want the world to be destroyed, right? :'D)
Matt Knab
In some ways, he IS her grandfather, but that just makes it worse! :(
I'm glad you like the dialogue! I worked on this scene quite a bit more than usual.
We'd call Grin an "Antediluvian." 3rd generation Vampire...tougher than the coffin in which she would lie. This is getting juuuuuust a bit scary now.
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