Comic 619 - 5.40 - Why do you care?

15th Dec 2016, 3:05 PM in Day 5
5.40 - Why do you care?
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Matt Knab 15th Dec 2016, 3:05 PM edit delete
Matt Knab could just be because she's not a terrible person like you...


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I dunno, man...I feel like Grin would rather die with her honor intact than live with guilt...
And even if there really is some force making Grin protect her, it's not like she's protecting a bad person...Al is innocent :(
Matt Knab
The thing is, Grin's never been a terribly altruistic person, in her own mind at least. Also, she values her independence very highly, so the idea that anyone is controlling/influencing her is quite frightening to her.
Good grief, that guy had some talks.. Don't let it get to you Winne <3

Also... angry face and glowing eyes look so funny with that pink outfit xD <3
Matt Knab
He certainly knows how to fight psychologically as well as physically.
Haha, yeah, I really liked that dichotomy myself!
Solution? Blow up the floor.
Matt Knab
There ARE a bunch of tunnels under the city nearby.
If being nice which causes people to like you is a super power, then I wouldn't be all that resentful for succumbing to said power. Nice first panel here Matt. Your not afraid to cut-off your characters and let their image 'bleed' outside your panels, which leaves you to compose your composition effectively. You work fast, so I'm pretty sure you do this intuitively to a certain extent.
Matt Knab
That is a super power I wish more people had, that's for sure!
Thanks! I'm afraid it's largely accidental, though I like intuitive way better. :) I don't thumbnail or plan my pages. They grow organically and the first draft is the only draft. I'm surprised they don't turn out bad/awkward way more often.
Charm person permanency!
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