Comic 620 - 5.41 - I would never.

19th Dec 2016, 5:43 AM in Day 5
5.41 - I would never.
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And YOU, sir, are the biggest, ugliest moth of them all!! -_-

I have been catching up on pages and I really love how you're doing this scene and exchange, and making it so darn personal for poor Grin. That Nolan is a manipulative bastard for sure. T_T

Alice may have a ward that helps her, but she's also a genuinely sweet heart who has never taken advantage of it. So screw you and your theory Nolan-moth, and go find another way to spontaneously combust! >3>;;;

(of course I know he really hasn't had this chance for aeons so he's not going to stop here u_u i understand but stilllllll go awayyyyyy XD)
Does that mean that things can start to go bad for him real soon ? :)
Matt Knab
We can hope!
Matt Knab
Haha, now I have an image of Mothra with sunglasses. XD
Thanks, Rufi! I've been trying hard to make sure Nolan is imposing on multiple levels.
.... Soooo.... We should care about that problem right now because... what? you want to just end it already or something? I doubt you got much of a bleeding heart left man.
Matt Knab
Yeah, he doesn't strike me as a particularly altruistic person.
Hmmm I see what you mean on this page...she definitely doesn't like the "out of her control" aspect based on that look. I just hope her self preserving nature doesn't involve giving up Al :O

If this "moth to the flame" thing is true though, Al may be the key to getting rid of Nolan, not our traditional heroes...
Matt Knab
Let's hope Grin doesn't give up completely!

Really! Al could just hang out nearby Nolan and see if some bad enough luck comes his way! XD
I really hope someone will come and shoot him so the girls will no longer suffer hearing him monologue XD
Matt Knab
Funny you say that...
He Has been blinded so he Can be injured. Having a black knight torso Nolan coming after you trying to gum you to death would be so funny that his powers would be null from it. Plus, Stairs.
Matt Knab
Haha, now THAT would be a way to make his immortality REALLY torture!
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