Comic 630 - 5.47 - Caught

23rd Jan 2017, 6:19 AM in Day 5
5.47 - Caught
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Matt Knab 23rd Jan 2017, 6:19 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
This could be going better.


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It's quite simple Douglas, you're getting your ass handed to you for once.
That said, while it's not going to kill you, though not for a lack of trying, it's still going to hurt like hell.
Matt Knab
It's something of a wake-up call. Turns out, he can't just steamroll over everything!
Proxy170 Douglas gonna have to work the brain a bit more than the brawn in this battle??? Seems so, if he wants to overcome someone who is proving to be superior in fights...
Matt Knab
He's going to have to take this seriously, that's for sure. Let's see what he comes up with!
Such a Happy executioner. ^.^
Matt Knab
I debated having literal blood on her hands (implying she had been taking out the other Trust teams), but decided that was a bit too much.
The Chessmaster
I've heard of "using your opponent's momentum against them," but I don't think you're usually supposed to give them said momentum in the first place by punching them.

That said, this does seem a more efficient solution.
Matt Knab
Efficiency ftw!
Also, Douglas' strength is much less effective when he has no leverage, making this even more one sided.
Spine injury in 3...2...1...
Matt Knab
Pfft, he doesn't need ALL of his vertebrae, does he?
Back to backbone hits!
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