Comic 631 - 5.48 - Grounded

26th Jan 2017, 11:05 AM in Day 5
5.48 - Grounded
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Oh SHIT I thought she was gonna break his neck! D: That'd be a quick way to finish it. Wait...don't get any ideas O.O
Matt Knab
Yeah, that would have brought this story to an abrupt and tragic end! XD
Woah! Man, you need to get yourself intact and fight back!
Matt Knab
That's for sure! At the very least, he needs to get his feet underneath him!
ooh, that's gonna leave a mark... well, in the pavement at least.
Matt Knab
Haha, that's for sure!
Matt Knab
Not for Douglas. He has crazy high HP. ;)
WHY *slam* DON'T *slam* YOU *slam* JUST *slam* SHUT *slam* UP? *slam*
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