Comic 632 - 5.49 - Multi-talented.

30th Jan 2017, 7:23 AM in Day 5
5.49 - Multi-talented.
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As much as I am happy to see Douglas finally gets beaten by a girl... It's also kinda sad :(
Matt Knab
Douglas is rather conflicted himself. ;)
To be honest...this is the first time I've wondered if she CAN be reached. Like...I figured part of Nolan's experiments would reprogram her permanently :(
Matt Knab
Douglas is sure going to try. Fingers crossed!
... I don't think she has enough sense of self left to have that as an option Douglas.
Wouldn't mind being wrong on that point though.
Matt Knab
We'll see soon if there's anything left of her memories to reach!
'Shame he made you cut your hair though.' '...What?'
*Shows her a picture of her past self.
Matt Knab
Alas, those lovely lengthy locks!
In some ways, it speaks of how huge the gap between their abilities are, that Doug is actually trying to reason and talk it out with her now :'D
Matt Knab
He also doesn't really have his heart in this fight. He'd rather not fight her if he could help it.
Ahem...Lord Nolan? Is he related to Lord Elrond? Lord Sauron?

Lord Frobozz, perhaps? :)
Matt Knab
Oh lordy! XD
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