Comic 634 - 5.51 - Irrelevant.

6th Feb 2017, 5:39 AM in Day 5
5.51 - Irrelevant.
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Man...I'm not about giving up, but...she's a tough nut to crack :/
Matt Knab
He just needs to find one crack to exploit. Douglas is usually so good at getting under people's skin!
It sounds like brainwashing drivel :') poor Doug... he has no choice but to unleash as much of his power as he's got, even with the consequences, because he's otherwise screwed.

Since I definitely don't see Doug abandoning his 'foolish pursuits' any time soon, let alone swearing loyalty to Nolan XD;;;
Matt Knab
Yeah, Crystal definitely had a much different experience these last few years. If he gets out of this, Douglas might have a better appreciation for what Pyotr and the Trust did for him!
Probably how he got inside Nolan's place.
Matt Knab
Haha, yeah. Oh man, I saw that movie in the theater. XD
Matt Knab
Yeah, that's a pretty bad "Plan B".
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