Comic 635 - 5.52 - Never going to happen.

9th Feb 2017, 6:09 AM in Day 5
5.52 - Never going to happen.
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Matt Knab 9th Feb 2017, 6:09 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Can we get a second opinion?


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I hope that doesn't happen :OOOO
It's impossible for Douglas to die here because this is a flashback/recounting of events prior to his confrontation with the final boss at the top of his tower.
Matt Knab
True, we know that at least Douglas will survive until tomorrow. Wait...that still sounds pretty bad...
I don't think she's going to put any weight to your sympathy :(
Matt Knab
She still seems pretty impervious, emotionally. Try harder, Douglas!
Ummm... you know, you can always knock her unconscious and tie her up or lock her somewhere?
Matt Knab
I don't know, the Trust was never able to find restraints to hold Douglas, so that likely wouldn't work on Crystal either. Maybe a really, really deep pit?
Mmmm.... Sever all her tendons? Hmmm.. no Douglas doesn't have a knife for that or the skill for it. probably'd botch it and cut a major artery. That said that method only'd be possible if she doesn't have some sorta healing factor... which she probably does.

Either way, still seems like the girl Douglas remembers doesn't exist anymore. Only a puppet remains.

... 'course if Doug just goes "fuck it, lethal it is" some rule relating to irony would have her remember things on death's door or some shit... maybe. 50/50 odds of that really.

Matt Knab
Yeah, Douglas has always specialized in bludgeoning damage. :)
I actually wrote three different conclusions to this fight, and I'm still waiting to see what feels right when we get there. :D
Sounds like our current state of affairs in the US - do nothing...and die.

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