Comic 638 - 5.55 - Face off

20th Feb 2017, 7:03 AM in Day 5
5.55 - Face off
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She makes perfect sense D:

Douglas' guys where are youuuu save hiimmm
Matt Knab
From a certain point of view.
Too bad his friends have their hands full elsewhere. :(
That is an awesome split screen view - two halves of the same definitely more human than the other.
Matt Knab
Thanks! Yup, their origins were the same, just different upbringings.
Gorgeous double-spread Matt, but dang if my heartstrings aren't pullllled ;v;*** Oh man, this is not looking good for Doug... but would he try to run away if he can't beat her or talk her out of this?
Matt Knab
Douglas is in a bind here - I don't know that he could outrun Crystal even if he tried to escape. :(
Time for a logic bomb then:
'What would You do without Nolan?'
Seeing as Nolan's stronger than she is, evident by that little detail about Nolan using that orphanage as an experiment to try to make something that can actually kill him, it didn't work... or at least, the "Successful product" didn't. Douglas was classified as a reject and left by the wayside though he'll probably kill Nolan off by the end of this... maybe. It's looking that way, anyways.
Matt Knab
Yeah, she probably believes Nolan to be invincible, so it never occurred to her.
The flash forwards certainly make it seem Douglas is going to try to take him out!
Matt Knab
Wander around aimlessly, probably!
This would look so cool in print! :D
Based on what she said, I'm willing to bet that her having lost so much caused her so much suffering that the only way she could handle it was to close herself off and accept her fate with Nolan :(
Matt Knab
Thank you!
Between the same memory problems that Douglas has and Nolan's filling her head with his nonsense, she didn't have a chance. :(
This is a really great split page, Matt! REALLY contrasts these two characters and their current state of emotion (or lack thereof)

Matt Knab
Douglas does have a trick or two up his sleeve. :)
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