Comic 644 - 5.61 - Negotiation

13th Mar 2017, 5:41 AM in Day 5
5.61 - Negotiation
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Matt Knab 13th Mar 2017, 5:41 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
What a nice sword you have there...


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Doug, you complete nincompoop XDDD but then again, that's what we love about him, right? His boundless self-confidence and enthusiasm? XD

And dang, that IS a huge sword, it's Buster sword size, non? :'D
Nah, the buster sword had a much thicker blade,
this one is closer that Impossibly Long Katana of Sephiroth's
Matt Knab
Somewhere between the two, and far heavier than either. "Unsheathing" it requires folding spacetime, and wielding it requires manipulation of its local gravity. So...Exotic Weapon Proficiency doesn't come close to meeting the prerequisites on this one!
Doug, you are simply no match for him...
Matt Knab
Yeah...This guy is demigod level. Even Douglas's fists are no threat to him.
... And the catch is?
Matt Knab
Actually, in his current state, Douglas might actually ENJOY what this guy wants him to do!
You'd think that him getting his ass handed to him moments ago would let him realize that there are others in the world stronger than him, but nope XD You really can't deny he's got a strong will!

Still say no, Douglas!!
Matt Knab
Douglas's​ mantra is "just keep swinging" to the tune of Dory. :)
Haha.. Douglas meant to use this to his advantage and somehow got himself into more trouble x"D
Matt Knab
Douglas was already being watched by this guy, trying to use the ring just forced his hand sooner than he expected.
wait a tic...that sword does look familiar. Like...VERY familiar...

like a certain dark-haired individual wielded it a long time ago....

someone named....

Matt Knab
It bears a resemblance for sure, but it's actually related more closely to Daerkest, the Weapon given to Ra by Omah'rett.
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