Comic 646 - 5.63 - More or less.

20th Mar 2017, 2:58 PM in Day 5
5.63 - More or less.
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Matt Knab 20th Mar 2017, 2:58 PM edit delete
Matt Knab
Yup, Douglas' power comes from being just crazy enough to think he should be able to do things that no normal person would.
Too bad Nolan didn't realize exactly how it worked - if he managed to convince Crystal that she was stronger than he was instead of brainwashing her into a loyal subordinate...


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Sooo...can we cancel that deal since he didn't get a power up? D: Nooo Douglas...T___T

This is a crazy limitless power--perfectly fit for someone like Douglas though, with the kid-level understanding of limits and endless will. You never understand your mortality as kid which is perfect. Now he just needs to get over his hesitations with Crystal and win!
Matt Knab
Yup, he's locked in now. :-/

Exactly! It's Douglas's tenuous grasp of reality that makes this power work, and always has. If anyone finds out the truth, however, he could be in serious trouble!
If I believe I have a lot of money, can I also have them?

No? Aww... :')
Matt Knab
Good try though!
Now about that laser vision...
The mind Boggles:

*I believe I am stronger than Superman when he lifted eternity.*
Matt Knab
Assuming no limits on the magic that did this to him, Douglas would have to truly believe he can do it, not just want or wish for it. Maybe under hypnosis..? :)
Once you get to a certain level, everything's relative.
Matt Knab
And if Douglas always thinks he's just as strong as whatever comes his way, it will always be a relatively even battle!
Love the way Charlatan looks in this pic.
Matt Knab
Thanks, me too! I was really excited drawing it - I was thinking to myself as I was drawing that there should be a little bit of a design around his eyes and OH MY GOD, HIS EYES ARE FULL OF STARS. I won't forget that moment any time soon!
Come on, everyone, you have to say you believe in fairies! Then it WILL be true! Say it with me!
Matt Knab
But there ARE fairies...
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