Comic 647 - 5.64 - Return.

23rd Mar 2017, 5:16 AM in Day 5
5.64 - Return.
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Matt Knab 23rd Mar 2017, 5:16 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
And thus concludes this brief intermission. Next week, we resume our regularly scheduled fight scene. :)


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He has the power of... motivation!
Matt Knab
Haha, pretty much! Never underestimate the power of a good pep talk, I guess?
The whole "knowing may create doubt" dilemma is so true...while there's a chance it may empower some people, I think someone like Douglas is better left not knowing a barrier existed, than knowing it's there and how to get around it. Just do your thing, Douglas :)

But if doesn't remember the encounter...he's gonna have a wild surprise when he gets pulled back to be a champion O.O
Matt Knab
I agree, Douglas is better off without knowing than trying to actively harness the power of positive thinking!

If/when he is brought to Alysia, he'd remember EVERYTHING. Which, for Douglas, would be even more disorienting than most.
Being near omnipresent... or was it omnipotent... Knowing nearly everything there is to know makes social interactions like this kinda annoying.
Matt Knab
Omniscient, I think. :)
He isn't, though. He sorta has all of reality on DVR, but he still has to fast forward/rewind to the correct spots in order to find what he wants/needs.
That's still pretty damn close to it, compared to the rest of us anyways.
Douglas's new battle theme:
Matt Knab
I approve. :)
Closest I've ever seen to Douglas looking sad or worried.
Matt Knab
Haha, yeah, with a solid helping of confusion to top it off!
Your overconfidence is your weakness...

....your faith in your friends is yours.
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