Comic 651 - 5.68 - No holding back

6th Apr 2017, 5:07 AM in Day 5
5.68 - No holding back
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Oooh she is PISSED!

This is sort of a troubling situation where they both take pleasure in such a violent skill, but they're just kids, really :( Kind of a Lord of the Flies feel, with a reflection on kids and instincts and what not. Or maybe I'm reading too much into things lol.
That's a pretty good analogy, Proxy. But think about it - Douglas probably HAD to hold back, if only because of the massive structural damage he would do to an entire city if he didn't...
Very true...glad he has somewhat of a conscience to care for what's around him. So he's still got boundaries.
Matt Knab
Yeah, he COULD have gone full hulk on whatever got in his way. But...then Peach would be all sulky. XD
Still, I always thought it would be stressful for Thor and Superman type characters to have to always be careful to not break whatever they touched.
Here and now those limits are gone, See ya in orbit!
Matt Knab
We'll see! Crystal is still pretty sure of herself too.
Use your aggressive feelings....let the hate flow through you.
Matt Knab
But come BACK from the dark side. Pretty please? :)
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