Comic 653 - 5.70 - Memories

13th Apr 2017, 4:58 AM in Day 5
5.70 - Memories
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Don't let go Doug, you're getting to her. The real Crystal has come out to play, indeed!

But gosh, Crystal... please, *please* remember before you get hurt ;___;***
Matt Knab
I think she's going to be hurt no matter what, though it may be more emotional than physical. :-/
"Let go of me" Man that's chilling...I have a feeling it relates to maybe some of her last words in her old state :( Some really good writing here, Matt!
Matt Knab
Great! This is one of those scenes that I hoped would have the most impact.
That's actually a powerful spell in the Epic Level Handbook.
Matt Knab
What's that?
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