Comic 654 - 5.71 - Unpleasant memories

17th Apr 2017, 9:55 AM in Day 5
5.71 - Unpleasant memories
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Now we'll see how potent a brainwashing it was.
Pretty potent considering it lasted till the fight just now.
Matt Knab
And if a flashback can be weaponized​!
Man, this has got to be so hard for her...she's had to deal with so much, she had to do what she's done to survive, but the guilt she's probably gonna feel after is ridiculous...

This would be a sequence I'd love to see animated one'd be so tragic but moving T__T
Matt Knab
Yeah, this is another battle that's just as psychological as it is physical.

Oh man, I'd love to see TT animated one day!
Keep holding on to her as you forcefully remind her of her past Douglas! It's triggering some latent memory!

... well either that or it's going to screw with her head something major in a real bad way. Possibly triggering some sort of fail safe and/or the burst of sheer strength needed for her to break free...
Matt Knab
Something's gotta give, that's for sure. I hope you enjoy the outcome that's quickly approaching!
She has a very unique set of skills.
Matt Knab
Same as our own Douglas! :)
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