Comic 655 - 5.72 - Inspiration

20th Apr 2017, 5:13 AM in Day 5
5.72 - Inspiration
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So she admits this is confusing her, at least! As tragic as Douglas' history is, she really has it worse imo. She has to come to terms with what she's done, realize that she did fail--she did give up at some point. Hopefully she can forgive herself and realize redemption is possible and rewarding.

Gah, Matt. What happened to the fun humor and action? What's with all these feels lately? Stop cutting I kid, I love it.
Matt Knab
That flood of memory could hit her harder than Douglas ever could!

Haha, sorry! We're barrelling toward the final chapters of the story ("season 1" anyway), so all of the tragic and dramatic elements are coming to a head. My hope is that the comedic elements provide greater contrast and give the sadder parts more impact.
It does! It works so well, it's really a credit to your writing!
'Making the impossible Possible.'
Matt Knab
Since 2005!
At least, that's when I started drawing TT, heheh.
*sings* You're the reason in my're the inspiraaaaation!
Matt Knab
That's a bit light for the current mood. ;)
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