Comic 672 - 5.86 - My crime.

19th Jun 2017, 5:41 AM in Day 5
5.86 - My crime.
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I know this might sound silly but I love how you did the teeth in the last panel.
Matt Knab
Not silly at all. Thank you! I was trying hard to show a sneer without being able to show his eyes.
Hmmm what does Pyotr know about his history?

And going back to last page, I thought that Alice was impervious to damage? So the bullet wouldn't kill her, right? Just Pyotr? Or is it more like a duplication of damage, where she takes damage and so does the aggressor? I'm a bit fuzzy on the last time we saw this power manifest >.<
Matt Knab
Pyotr only knows what the rest of us do. Nolan's story is so old, that even the Trust had no more info.

Alice hasn't been around long enough to develop any kind of supernatural toughness. Nancy confirmed that the retribution effect was real, so shooting Alice would likely kill them both. :(
Wait and now I'm going back and reading this...I won't spoil anything but the latest page suggests a bigger fall out than thought!
Turns out rock beats Abel.
Matt Knab
Haha, ouch. XD
Well...someone had better pick up that phone...

because I freakin CALLED IT!
Matt Knab
Fist bump!
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