Comic 673 - 5.87 - Tell us a story.

22nd Jun 2017, 5:13 AM in Day 5
5.87 - Tell us a story.
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Matt Knab 22nd Jun 2017, 5:13 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
Grab your popcorn!


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Ohhhohohooo THIS is gonna be good :3
Matt Knab
Hopefully I've got some twists and turns coming up for everyone. :)
Popcorn is on hand! I wonder how I'm going to feel about him at the end of this...knowing your writing, I'm gonna bet "conflicted" lol
Matt Knab
Haha, if I do my job right! I'm hoping this will give Nolan some interesting depth.
Big bad's monologue story time, where's my popcorn.
Matt Knab
You got it! But as Pyotr said, the longer he jaws on, the better for the rest of them :)
Found his Abel(panel 5):
which would be an Awesome crossover origin point by the way.
Matt Knab
Haha, that would add quite the added wrinkle to Rufi's epic SF/TT Valentine's Day crossover!
Dude, I already did the Sunday School thing!
Just reading and commenting as I go, but it occurs to me that if Nolan, as he styles himself now, is really tens of thousands of years old, how does he manage to remember so much? I realize his origin is probably one of the things that he'd never forget, but a human memory spanning that long? No one can even imagine how that might work, or even if it could.

I created a character for a story ... almost 30 years ago now? ... who's name I use as a handle frequently, and he was similarly immortal (from some twists I've never fully fleshed out), but instead of becoming the big bad, he always tried to keep a low profile and "die" from time to time, which was possible since it was a low technology fantasy setting ( spoilers). Big difference of origin though, so I'm not sure how equally they compare.

Another character I've created much more recently, but I'm still working on in my head, is also ancient, though not as old as Nolan, but his life took a very...different direction early on and he had to adapt to his new circumstances. He's probably the most unique character I've created and I'm still trying to wrap my head around him and how he "works", as it were.

TL;DR I am really, really enjoying your story and your skill as an artist is such that you can very nicely convey your intent with each scene, which is a lot more difficult than people might suspect.

Maybe Marvel, or some other big comics company, isn't knocking your door down and begging you to illustrate their next issue, but if they read your story I'd be surprised if they were unimpressed. Very nicely done, sir!
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