Comic 675 - 5.89 - The Able

29th Jun 2017, 5:38 AM in Day 5
5.89 - The Able
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Matt Knab 29th Jun 2017, 5:38 AM edit delete
Matt Knab
When I wrote this story back in 2005, I thought this was so clever. Now, I just feel bad that Nolan's entire character started with a pun. :(


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I...I must be really dense, because I don't see/get a pun here? >.<

Doesn't seem silly to me!
Matt Knab
The idea is that "The Able" eventually became "Abel" in the stories. :)
So I will shamefully admit I did not know the story of Cain and Abel, but the Wikis has helped me out, if that is the story you are referring to? I read back to remember Nolan's first name though (Christopher, from when they first meet him?) and I'm wondering if the name change was a choice of his? I'm loving this paralleling of science, religion, lore, fiction though! Adds a whole 'nother dimension to things, and makes us "real world" peeps get a grasp of the extent of his history.
Matt Knab
I'm really glad that one earned another google search. :) Yes, one side of the story is the Cain and Abel story, except "The Able" were what primitive humans called Neanderthals.
The battle between science and religion...a tale as old as...time.
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